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Among the food, a special place is occupied by the Tuna, a blue fish whose nutritional properties are a panacea for our body: rich in minerals such as phosphorus, iron, selenium and A vitamin, the Tuna is especially rich in protein and therefore aminoacids that invigorate the body. The most important part of this fish is definitely the fat that contains Omega 3, which promote blood circulation, improving the functioning of the heart and brain.

Our Dayma Tuna in the natural version, is particularly useful in low-fat diets because it provides very few calories and is an excellent source of proteins, the perfect ingredient to create so many light recipes as light salads and pies.

The oil version, however, thanks to the addition of EVO is excellent with a delicious vegetable side dish, for a delicious pasta or even for the classic Italian dish, made of tuna, tomato and onion!