B&C Food - The Libyan Food Company

About Us

B&C Food is a family-run Group whose success and reputation are rooted in its history, its experience and its values.

As the first private Libyan Company to have invested in a wide variety of business sectors, it has passed significant steps to achieve the size and reliability it enjoys today.

From the food-processing and mass distribution of fruit varieties and other Italian specialties like water and tomato paste, B&C Food Company has focused on the key principle of creating an economic unit to be an example and a landmark of the Libyan entrepreneurial class.

Now, with the support of its more than 350 employees and workers, B&C Food became one of the most important flagships of the Libyan economy, working continuously to create jobs and wealth.

The Food Processing and Distribution business sector was set up 20 years ago with the following activities:

  • Biscuit Production
  • Fruit distribution ( Excelban Bananas, among all )

and now the business sector its been expanded to include :

  • Food Processing : Triangular and Spread Cheese, Chocolate Pralines, Chocolat Drops, Edible Oil, Butter and Margarine, Potato Chips, Wide range of Biscuits and Wafers.
  • Food Importing : Tuna, Tomato Paste, Olives, Cereals, Water, Beverages.
  • Distribution in Agri-Food sector : Potato Seeds, Fertilizers, Agriculture devices.
  • Agricultural production : Potatoes, Dates.

Now B&C offers high-quality at every level, by producing at competitive prices and in every production plants, have a development unit, responsible for testing and the continuous launch of new products, like Milk, Milk Powder, Cous Cous, Dry Pasta, Oats, Bottled Water.