The two main varieties we are importing from Italy

Royal Gala

It is the first type to harvest, born from the meeting of Kidd’s Orange and Golden Delicious, and it’s called the apple “for everyone”
Most appreciate from the children, sweet and juicy taste, is always very pleasant to enjoy.

This kind of apple has an intense red but streaked color, and its pulp is yellow-white colored and variable consistence, from crisp and juicy to soft and creamy, according to the ripening level.


Ambrosia is a kind of apple hailing from Canada, with shiny and smooth skin.

Its particularity is to be born by chance from a natural crossing, not produced by laboratory.

What distinguishes this apple from the other kinds is the two colored skin: an intense pink shade, almost fluorescent, on a yellow cream background.

Its basic feature is the good sugar content and a very low acidity, these values gives to Ambrosia an unique taste.